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Bluephone starts operating as an MVNO with the Flexi Móvil brand

Flexi Móvil - Bluephone

The Telco sector in Spain welcomes Flexi Móvil, the new Mobile Virtual Network Operator, owned by the company Bluephone, which will begin its operations by providing mobile telephony services over IOS Spain MVNA platform.

Flexi Móvil launches a combined range for national and international communications, combining the advantages of both, without penalising the choice of one or the other at any time. In the first phase, Flexi Móvil will launch three different contract plans on the market - Tical, Esfinge and Europa - and has announced that it intends to launch two new prepaid plans on the market in the near future.

The distinguishing feature of the entire Flexi Móvil range is its flexibility for its subscribers when choosing and/or changing their price plan. Users will be able to change mode at any time, as often as they wish, free of charge. They will only need to request the change and the characteristics of the price plan selected will be applied instantly.

The IOS MVNA technology -Core R3 + BBS-enables Flexi Móvil to have the highest levels of flexibility, in both technical and business terms, and to be able to pass this flexibility on to its customer base so that they can choose the pricing plan that best suits them at any time, quickly and easily.

Clients will also have several different channels to top up their voice and data credits: via SMS, at physical outlets or from the client's area of the Flexi Móvil website.

The company has over 10 years experience in the telecommunications sector in Spain, providing the following services: prepay telephone cards, voice over IP products for businesses and private clients, and wholesale traffic for operators and carriers, all at competitive prices and with total reliability. In 2015 the company decided to take the plunge and include a mobile telephone service in its company portfolio, leveraging its extensive experience and knowledge of the Telco market, and its strong presence in the sector.

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